Everyone’s talking about it, and everyone’s “knows” a lot about it, but as so much of the focus is confusing, fear-mongering, or perhaps, on the other hand, too-optimistic here’s a little bit of an antidote: reason, facts, and not too extreme either way.

First of all, the Coronavirus is not the black plague. And much as I wish it was, neither is it “just the common flu”. It is both ways, for some people one, for others, the other. But in general, it’s different and on top of the regular flu. That’s why there was some opening for a more panicked tone before we knew more about.

Secondly, adding to this, it is a danger, but it’s not as bad as the majority of people are saying. Not to demean the fact that people have died, but fear mongering fills our news because people haven’t had the time to calmly reason about facts and science.

Yes, their screams of science, screams of “Truth”, and screams of “fake news” and a whole lot of passionate attempts at swaying people, and I admit that early I was like this too. Swayed too and fro from extremes of “this is the Andromeda strain” to “this is milder than the flu” I swayed back and forth between opinions based on what I wanted it to be, not in a dispassionate search for objective truth.

And that’s hard to do. We have emotions, we have desires, that’s how we operate, think, and live. But we have to allow an opening at least for the work of our higher human powers, that of reason, to treat a situation from what we might call an abstracted viewpoint, dropping a lot of our input, and allowing ourselves to reason on a fraction of the noise, decluttering and allowing actual thought.

That’s what I’ve come to. The virus brings dangers, yes, but neither is it truly the worst disease ever, nor is it a non-problem. Like most things, it’s somewhere in the middle and a true reasoned approach to the issue requires us to look at it this way, and look at the full slew of problems we face, especially those secondary to the virus, and perhaps caused by errors on our response.