We’re now storing videos self-hosted here to start putting some of that censored news, those sort of revelations, those sort of clearing through the clutter, clearing through the confusion, seeing the vision, sort of things you need to know to be a good citizen, that will give you hope, and will strengthen you, strengthen us against the earthly attacks of the enemy.

St. Michael Prayer | elizaraxi | Flickr

Prayer is ultimately our first line of defense, but the truth of knowledge comes from God and our knowledge of that truth, even in temporal matters is necessary to our temporal existence in this world so we can fulfill His will for our lives.

May God Bless You, We are praying for you, and please pray likewise for us, and for the coming of the reign of God’s Word, His truth, over the world, and for all of us, into the world to come,

Everett Polinski

Video: Debunking the Fear Mongerers

This amazing video, first shared with us by an Idaho Wyoming Catholic College junior (thank you!) debunks the fear mongerer, panic seeking narrative. But it did so too well, because the agents of doom, the enemies of America, took it down. It’s back up here, but since it’s again being hosted by YouTube, which had just taken down the original, we’re sharing it with you locally hosted to make sure this message continues to get out.

The Lockdowns are unnecessary, dangerous, and perhaps even counter-productive to their stated purpose. Thank you Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi!

Healight – New Tech Kills Coronavirus

This amazing innovation in development, an ultraviolet light coronavirus killing technology, was discussed by President Trump, which is why both YouTube and Vimeo have taken it down.

A good reason? Science based. Obviously there reason was politically motivated, not wanting any positive news, anything that might bring hope to Americans, to get out.

View it here

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