The AYTU Healight

Just a demonstrative video of a technology under development. What could be wrong? Well, something was to someone, as this promotional video for the AYTU Healight, a UV radiation system they’re developing that could be used to help treat patients infected with the virus by disinfection, was taken down from YouTube as a “violation of the terms of service”

I thought there were cries of science, that it was science that was or ought to motivate debate and response over the coronavirus. But is it science to remove an innocuous video? Is it science to ban science? Or further, is it reason, is it reasonable for YouTube to hide this video, for any reason other than political?

They took it down because Trump mentioned this technology in one of his press briefings.

Yes YouTube is a private company and has the right to control the content on its servers. However, that makes them a media organization and not a platform, a curator, and not an open distributor, and they should be treated as such.